Best SEO Software and Tools To Become More Optimized

There are over one billion active websites today. With this large number of websites, it is extremely difficult to drive a decent amount of traffic from Google, Yahoo or Bing if you don’t use a search engine optimization tool. This post will look into some of the best SEO tools and software that can help you become more optimized.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to understand your site’s visitors and know how they interact with the site. With this tool, you can have a quick overview of your online campaign strategies by reviewing conversion goals such as lead generation, sources of incoming traffic, interactions, return visitors and many others. You can also use the e-commerce feature to track your site’s revenue, transactions and other key metrics related to e-commerce.


SEMrush allows you to research your competitors and keep up-to-date with what they are doing across the internet. You can take advantage of more than 20 features provided by the tool to research various activities among your competitors. You can easily find the best keywords they use, best content, best backlinks and much more.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to get updates directly from Google. If something goes wrong on your site, Google will notify you through the tool. This is very helpful considering that a larger percentage of search traffic comes from Google itself. The tool will also help you get keyword-specific information such as the total number of impressions, a total number of clicks, manual actions were taken by Google and average position of the website in Google’s search ranking.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake helps you view Google’s SERPs. It allows you to see the age and authority of your domain and the number of external links to the domain and Google index. Such information can help you research keywords and optimize your site’s content more efficiently. The tool is free of charge, and it is easy to use and install.


SEOptimer helps you know the bad and the good of your SEO by conducting a thorough audit of your site. It shows you the performance of your website regarding keyword usage and visibility as well as the site’s load speed and simplicity. It also shows other metrics, such as domain authority and backlink profile. Once it completes the audit, the tool will give you a detailed feedback and provide recommendations.


PageSpeed helps you gain some insights into how long your website takes to load a page and how mobile-responsive it is. It also analyzes other factors such as browser caching, HTML minification, CSS and JavaScript minification and others.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs enables you to track the search rankings of your competitors. This, in turn, helps you come up with new strategies that will help you battle them for the top spot in search engine rankings. Other great features you can enjoy from the tool include weekly and monthly ranking reports and mobile rank tracking.

Best SEO Software and Tools To Become More Optimized

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